by admin on July 26, 2010

ASP or Active Server Pages is the technology which allows you to create the web pages and sites that require hosting. The main feature of ASP is that it uses server side scripting to create your website and pages so that it can be viewed by absolutely any browser and visitor without errors or flaws in the site. It may not seem necessary for you as the website owner to be aware of how ASP works, but when it comes time to speak with your web design team and you don’t know what they are talking about, it can be easy to get lost in translation and not have a clue what is going on with your website.

You can imagine that ASP pages have extensions of .ASP instead of .HTML and this is to tell the hosting server to interpret any ASP contained in the web page before sending it to HTML for viewing on any browser. There is not a webhosting company out there today which do not offer ASP to their customers as it is quite literally the only way to create the dynamic website you need to make it in the competitive Internet world

ASP was first introduced through a Microsoft hosting platform and still today Windows hosting platforms support ASP the best even compared to Linux which has recently become more popular. You can download simple operating systems for those of you running on a Windows hosting plan that include Internet Information Services (IIS) which can be used on your home computer to play around with ASP at your leisure. You do not necessarily have to be a computer programmer or web designer to use ASP applications but of course you must know a little bit about VBScript which is the default script for ASP. If you are running a different operating hosting system such as Linux, there are applications that can be used to access ASP as well such as Apache and a few other popular applications which can be generally downloaded directly from online.

ASP is a feature which although it has not existed that long, has taken the Internet world by storm and 100% boosted the plain old websites that were first created years ago. ASP allows you to push the envelope and create new features on your site such as voice activation, flash animation, video and more. These features were not even considered or thought of before Windows created Active Script Pages to further enhance what the Internet had to offer.

When you are searching for your web hosting package, you may not immediately see ASP listed in the specifics of the plan; today many hosting companies find this to be standard and may not even bother to list it. If you have questions regarding the ASP specifications with your prospective hosting the technical support of your hosting company should be able to tell you everything you need to know so you are sure you are buying the web hosting you need.

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