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One of the first decisions you will have to make regarding your Web hosting is whether you want Linux or Microsoft. Although this is generally the preference of your Web designer, Linux has become the more popular choice for many Website creators today. Every Website owner wants their site to be accessible to their prospective clients or visitors and without this type of hosting reliability your Website could quickly disappear into the World Wide Web abyss and never be seen again.

Some of the advantages of Linux Web hosting include:

  • Low Cost Ownership: The Linux operating system (OS) is mainly free with no large licensing fees which make it incredibly accessible for anyone looking to host their Website. Also the Linux OS offers all the features you need including DNS, FTP, File Server and Web Server to setup your Website adequately and
  • Linux is Easy to Use: Web hosting is made easy with Linux as it is incredibly easy to upload your Website through the Linux system onto your designated system.
  • Linux is the Most Widely Used Platform: Linux is the preferred hosting platform in the eyes of IT professionals as well as many Web hosting companies. This in itself should make your hosting decision easier!
  • Linux is Stable and Reliable: Linux systems are known for their stability and they are not generally prone to virus attack, which means your Website is safe from intruders with Linux. You will experience 99.9% uptime with your Linux hosting, which makes it incredibly reliable in comparison to some of the different Windows applications.
  • Most File Extensions: You will find Linux offers compatibility with extensions such as cgi, .html, .htm, .pl, .php, .shtml, .asp (requires an additional plug-in), .xml, and others like Java plug-ins and applications.

These are very impressive advantages for any host company today. You will find that each and every Web host company offers their packages for Windows and Linux alike so you always have the choice no matter which company you choose in the end. This overview is not to persuade you from using Windows hosting options, it is simply designed to help you see what advantages can be found within the Linux hosting servers.

It is impossible for a Website owner to make this decision, you will have to speak with your programming team and find out their working preferences when it comes to this type of customized hosting options. They will tell you what they prefer to work with and you can go from there and make the rest of the decisions on your own if you choose. Unfortunately, many Website owners only get to choose the domain name and have a say in the design, when it comes to technical details such as Web hosting plans a and packages, you must rely on the expertise of your programming teams. Although, as the owner it is always a great idea to have the basic understanding of what you are buying and how it works so you are not totally in the dark.

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