by admin on September 20, 2010

Understanding the difference between Linux and Windows web hosting is crucial for anyone in the market for a hosting plan for their personal website or ecommerce business. Although you will find that the hosting companies out there will make it seem like there are very few differences between these two hosting servers, there are differences and you should be aware of them before making any purchase.

Windows web hosting is a very effective and reliable platform of hosting that any size business can take advantage of. Whether you are interested in using a small shared amount of server space or you are looking for your own dedicated server hosting package, Windows web hosting offers the many options you need to make a website successful in today’s Internet world. Windows web hosting is competitively priced. which makes the services affordable for everyone and anyone out there looking to setup a website or page online today.

You will find that there have been many constant upgrades to the Windows web hosting and corresponding packages that are making web designers take a second look at what they have to offer. Windows offers a unique array of different communication applications which can easily be integrated into your Windows hosting account by your web programming team. This is one of the most unique advantages of choosing Windows over Linux as it gives you as a business more options.

Mainly, Windows web hosting is used for larger corporations and businesses because of their communication upgrades and applications but many people have chosen to use Windows for their single website or page when it comes time to choose adequate hosting. When you look through the different web hosting packages on your host company’s website you will not be able to see the difference between Linux and Windows and therefore you may think they are the same. It is important to take this time to research and find out exactly what is it that sets each of these different platforms apart from the other before choosing the hosting package for you.

Depending on the programming team you are working with you may find they have a preference to one or the other and it is important to go with their instincts because they are the ones who have to work with the application platform you choose. Windows web hosting can take much more time to setup than Linux and for simple websites, many programmers will advise you to go with the easier hosting. Windows has taken their time to integrate some very advanced features into their hosting and therefore they ha ve created it for businesses and people looking to set up their own communication system through hosting, etc.

Understanding what Windows hosting really does can help you not only save money in the long run but also choose a web hosting package that will be reliable to your website size and expected traffic. You will find no benefits in choosing a web hosting package without knowledge of what it can do for you.

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