SEO and how it can Work for You

by admin on October 27, 2010

Whatever you are trying to promote on the Internet, whether you are trying to sell a product or service, or to bring attention to an organization or cause, there are a few things you need to do to be effective. You need to find a quality company to do your hosting. It doesn’t matter how much web traffic you generate if your website is down every time someone tries to find it. You need to find a way to attract attention to your website. This is best done with SEO (search engine optimization) marketing.

Let’s go surfing

Consider how you surf the Internet. If you’re like most people, you pull up your favorite web browser, be it Yahoo, Bing, Google, or whatever, and you type in a few keywords which relate to what you’re looking for. Almost as if by magic, the screen lights up with multiple website listings which (more or less) pertain to your topic.

Unless you’re highly unusual, you click on the first one (or maybe two or three) websites which seem to be related to what you want. You probably never look beyond that first page full of websites unless you have exhausted all of your possibilities and still haven’t found what you were looking for.

Most people surf the web the same way. What that means for you, in all practicality, is that you are never going to generate much web traffic unless you are on that first page when someone looks up your product, service, or organization. You can have the best constructed website on the World Wide Web, aesthetically speaking, and it does you very little good if no one finds it.

How the pros get on page one

Enter SEO marketing. SEO marketing involves putting content on your web page in such a way that the major search engines are most likely to find it and put it on the front page.

There are several little tricks you can use to accomplish this. With a little research, it isn’t difficult to find out what exact phrases web surfers are using to find websites similar to yours. Once you have this vital piece of information, make sure that those phrases find their way into your content.

Ideally, your content should contain some value for the reader, but you want to make sure that the key phrases web surfers are using appear in the first paragraph (ideally, the first sentence) of your web content, and are sprinkled generously throughout the body of any content on your site.

If you don’t want to do the research and writing yourself, you can hire an expert in SEO writing. They are actually quite reasonable, in most cases, and can provide you with a lot of quality content in a short amount of time for a very reasonable price. SEO marketing is, in fact, one of the most cost effective ways to promote your company and its effective regardless of which company does your hosting.

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