by admin on December 7, 2009

There are so many different features of Web hosting that must be understood that it cannot all be learned before you actually have your own hosting package, but you can take the time to get the basic understanding so you know what you are getting yourself into. Not everyone is a computer whiz and can literally learn the ins and outs of hosting as they go, so for everyone else you can take the time to dedicate to your personal hosting training.

Basically, the host company offers you the use of an admin panel which can also be referred to as a control panel. Here you can either use the functions yourself, or for those of you who work closely with ITs and programmers you may feel more comfortable allowing them access to your host company’s admin panel. The type of features and functions you have access to in this admin panel include:

  • The specifics of your hosting account broken down into details
  • Domain Management
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • 404 Error Behaviour
  • DNS Manager
  • File Manager
  • Password Vault

This is just a small sample of the very technical features which can be found within the average Web hosting admin panel. You can see why many Website owners choose to allow their programmers access to this panel as many of the features involved are far too advanced for anyone who is not a professional Website designer or builder.

The reason your host company gives you access to these features is to make your Website easier to maintain and adjust as you grow and discover better ways for it to function. Also, they want you and your programming team to do the work, which is why you can find such great deals on Web hosting packages today because much of the setup is done by your own team.

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